How to Be a Better Knitter

This is great for CROCHET too. Really. Count your stitches! Excellent Post, Knitter Nerd!

How to Be a Better Knitter.

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Cotton Gin Goes to Comic Con!


New World Comic Con that is. I’ve got some beanies, and pop culture super hero stuff ready to go. I’m working on a few extra Baby Groots to take along as well. I’ll post pics of those later. If you’re in the OKC area, you should check it out.

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Crochet Baby Flip Flop Close Ups


cottongincloseupflips6 cottongincloseupflips8 cottongincloseupflips7 cottongincloseupflips5 cottongincloseupflips4 cottongincloseupflips3 cottongincloseupflips2

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Crochet Easter Bonnets


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Turtle Inspired Crochet Beanies


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Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Color Report – New York Fashion Week color forecasts

Get inspired!

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New Born Crochet Dinosaur Photography Prop Set

New customer and a new custom order! Wahoo! It is for a newborn photo shoot, but this would make a great shower gift! I need to make some matching booties with little claws. Hmm. Something to do tomorrow before work.

cottongindinosaursetcottongindinosaurhatcottongindinosaurdiapercottongindinosaurset2I modified the Free Diaper Cover Pattern I offered a while back and reposted earlier today, to create the bottom of this set. I traded the single and double crochet textured area for half double crochets. Numbers work out the same, but create a smoother texture on the body of the cover.

And for the record, I used Red Heart Super Saver and an H hook for the hat and an I hook for the bottom.

I love how the set turned out!




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Free Diaper Cover Pattern


Let’s revisit this free pattern for diaper covers. It’s the same concept as the Textured Headband using slip stitches in combination with the textured rows to create the shaping.

Originally posted on The Cotton Gin:

I’ve been working on this ever since I got a request to do a special set for a photo shoot. I’ll eventually have the skirt available as well, but all I have written up is the diaper cover. It’s the part that’s under the skirt in the picture linked above.

I really like this because of the texture that’s created by the use of sc and dc. Another reason to like this, is that I’ve worked out the math, so you only have 2 basic rows to repeat and there are no increases or decreases. The edging is the trickiest part. I found this graduated stitch technique in the book Crochet That Fits, by Mary Jane Hall. You can find her on or read her blog:

This diaper cover is made all in one piece and graduates in size to fit around the baby’s bottom and…

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Reusable Swiffer Mop Tops

Reusable Swiffer sweeper I came up with last week.

cottonginreusablemoptop And a few scrubbies. cottonginscrubbies

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Alternating Red and Black Skully Scarf

I love filling special orders. Hope it is well received!


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Yoda is going to a new home!

cottonginyoda2No, it’s not the Dagobah system, but home none the less! Sands Springs, America!

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Ever used rubber band loom crochet hook grips?

Despite the fact that I hold my hook in a wonky way, I decided to try my hand a creating a few hook covers. I mention my wonky hook holding ways, only because I’m not sure it will give me any true ease or comfort, but it was a nice diversion from the every day hooking tasks of a crocheter.


I purchased an off brand rubber band loom from Wal-Mart for 9.99, only to find a comparable knock off at Joann for only $5. I hate when that happens, but given the crazy cold temps here, I decided to keep it and suffer the monetary loss. :(


The good news is that Joann had an entire display of elastic bands on sale for $1. The loom came with a bag of assorted colors, but given my addictive issues with craft supplies, assorted, random colors simply, were just not enough! I bought a few bags and set to playing. I really enjoy the look and feel of the shimmer bands. cottonginhookgripslot

I watched a few videos then experimented with the number of pegs used and found I could make slim versions for tinier hooks for thread and lace work and thicker versions for the larger sized hooks like K – N.

Again, it was a nice diversion. Have any of you used grips or alternative hooks for pain relief or ease?

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I just made the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf for myself!

My new boss was kind enough to include me in her shopping efforts for this Christmas season. I immediately fell in love with her choice of two skeins of I Love This Yarn Ombre in Nightshade. It is several shades of teal with a bit of purple mixed in.


Someone on Facebook posted a picture of Mooglyblog’s Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf and I knew I’d found the perfect object to create with my new yarn.

The pattern is delightfully simple and easy to memorize. I condensed my version to only seven rounds, in hopes of getting an extra headband or earwarmer out of one skein. It worked up as quickly as it is simple! I was able to create it in the time it took my daughter to rewatch the movie Shrek.

Here is a close up.


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