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New Born Crochet Dinosaur Photography Prop Set

New customer and a new custom order! Wahoo! It is for a newborn photo shoot, but this would make a great shower gift! I need to make some matching booties with little claws. Hmm. Something to do tomorrow before work. … Continue reading

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Free Diaper Cover Pattern

Originally posted on The Cotton Gin:
I’ve been working on this ever since I got a request to do a special set for a photo shoot. I’ll eventually have the skirt available as well, but all I have written up…

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Reusable Swiffer Mop Tops

Reusable Swiffer sweeper I came up with last week. And a few scrubbies. 

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Alternating Red and Black Skully Scarf

I love filling special orders. Hope it is well received!

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Yoda is going to a new home!

No, it’s not the Dagobah system, but home none the less! Sands Springs, America!

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Ever used rubber band loom crochet hook grips?

Despite the fact that I hold my hook in a wonky way, I decided to try my hand a creating a few hook covers. I mention my wonky hook holding ways, only because I’m not sure it will give me … Continue reading

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