The concept of the cotton gin, as an invention has intrigued me since college. It has never been an attractive contraption, but it’s concept is truly beautiful. The idea of taking raw materials and separating those materials into useful  goods is all about creativity and resourcefulness. As overused as the phrase “thinking outside the box” seems, it works perfectly here. Creativity isn’t just about art or painting or self expression. It’s all about imagination, vision and possibilities.

Once an idea has developed, you have to give it shape and purpose. It becomes a problem that needs a solution. That’s where design comes in. And design is everywhere! It’s not just in web pages, print materials or fashion. It is about shape, form, color, balance, purpose, concept and functionality. It’s in industry, business, recreation and the home. It is definitely seen all over the natural world and in the human body.

This site is about thinking creatively in all areas of life. My posts will include a plethora of topics including life, work, crafting, design, spirituality and dreaming big dreams.

I hope you visit often!

3 Responses to About

  1. daniellajoe says:

    I think you summon it up perfectly, design is everywhere 🙂 I will keep in touch 🙂

  2. Tobi Coleman says:

    I would love to invite you to a show!! I need your email to send you the info. Check out our upcoming events on our website http://www.revolve-productions.com

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