Free Diaper Cover Pattern

Let’s revisit this free pattern for diaper covers. It’s the same concept as the Textured Headband using slip stitches in combination with the textured rows to create the shaping.

The Cotton Gin

I’ve been working on this ever since I got a request to do a special set for a photo shoot. I’ll eventually have the skirt available as well, but all I have written up is the diaper cover. It’s the part that’s under the skirt in the picture linked above.

I really like this because of the texture that’s created by the use of sc and dc. Another reason to like this, is that I’ve worked out the math, so you only have 2 basic rows to repeat and there are no increases or decreases. The edging is the trickiest part. I found this graduated stitch technique in the book Crochet That Fits, by Mary Jane Hall. You can find her on or read her blog:

This diaper cover is made all in one piece and graduates in size to fit around the baby’s bottom and…

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