Ever used rubber band loom crochet hook grips?

Despite the fact that I hold my hook in a wonky way, I decided to try my hand a creating a few hook covers. I mention my wonky hook holding ways, only because I’m not sure it will give me any true ease or comfort, but it was a nice diversion from the every day hooking tasks of a crocheter.


I purchased an off brand rubber band loom from Wal-Mart for 9.99, only to find a comparable knock off at Joann for only $5. I hate when that happens, but given the crazy cold temps here, I decided to keep it and suffer the monetary loss. 😦


The good news is that Joann had an entire display of elastic bands on sale for $1. The loom came with a bag of assorted colors, but given my addictive issues with craft supplies, assorted, random colors simply, were just not enough! I bought a few bags and set to playing. I really enjoy the look and feel of the shimmer bands. cottonginhookgripslot

I watched a few videos then experimented with the number of pegs used and found I could make slim versions for tinier hooks for thread and lace work and thicker versions for the larger sized hooks like K – N.

Again, it was a nice diversion. Have any of you used grips or alternative hooks for pain relief or ease?


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4 Responses to Ever used rubber band loom crochet hook grips?

  1. Darlene P. says:

    Hi Dana,
    Would you post a link to the videos you used. My dear niece so very much loves creating things on these type of looms and considering I have been teaching her to crochet, it would allow her to make a few to decorate her hooks!

    Thanks – Darlene

    • Dana says:

      Hi Darlene. Here are my favorites:

      I like this one for the way she starts…

      This would be a great one to start with and see if your daughter enjoys the process, then maybe get creative with modifications.

      This one, I modified and did a version with 4 pegs and another with 6 pegs. I liked it because of the way she finished the ends. http://loomlove.com/rainbow-loom-bow/

      I like this video for the design, the host herself and just her style overall. However, I made several grips using the start of the video mentioned above and the end of the other, respectfully, but used the design of this ‘hexafish’. It creates a tighter grip, good with H, G or smaller.

      She has some other great craft tutorials and seems to be quite a good teacher… might check out her other stuff if your daughter is into DIY stuff.

      Same goes for this one. I used the preferred beginning and ending techniques, but loved the design.

  2. Darlene P. says:

    Thanks so much for posting so many options and especially for your thoughts about each one. Very helpful and appreciated!

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