Reposting a Favorite Ornament Pattern. Ice Skates!

Reposting a favorite ornament pattern. Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Hope you enjoy making these great Christmas Tree Ornaments! (They are also a great way to use up some scrap yarn.)

And here’s the pattern:

Ice Skate Ornament

Worsted Weight Yarn

Size F or G  hook

Think tighter stitches, since this will be stuffed, we don’t want the batting to be too visible through the stitches.

The shoe part of this pattern is worked in rounds. The upper boot part is worked in rows.

Chain 7

Round 1: Sc in 2nd st from hk, sc in next 4 sts; 5 sc in next stitch, turning as you work the stitches; sc in next 4 sts, 4 sc in the next stitch. These 4 stitches combined with the first sc of the round make 5 stitches, matcing the other end of the bottom of the skate. (18 sts)

Round 2 & 3: Do not join here and through out. sc in each stitch around. (18 sts)

This forms the base of the boot of the skate.

In round four, we will begin working back and forth in rows to complete the boot part of the skate.

Row 4: sc in next 3 sts. ch 1, turn, sc in 2nd st from hook, sc in next 9 stitches. Ch 1, turn. (10 sts)

Row 5 & 6: Sc in each stitch around, ch 1, turn. (10 sts)

Row 7: sc in next 4 stitches. Work a looped Sc in the next stitch, creating a ‘hanger’ for your ornament. If unfamiliar with this technique, the alternative is to simply do a sc in the next stitch, chain 15 to create the hanger, then sc in the next stitch and in the remaining stitches to the end of the row (10 stitches with 15 chain loop for hanging.) Or you can ignore that part and tie a hanger on later or use a store bought ornament hook.

Fasten off, leaving a 12″ tail for sewing.

Your piece should now resemble an open boot. See this diagram for help.skate-diagram

With your tail, stitch down the front of the skate and across the top of the toe portion of the skate. You should still have a long tail and an opening at the top of the skate.

With a small amount of batting, stuff your skate to give it dimension and shape. Weave the ends of tail through the skate and stitch the top closed.

Using yarn, embroidery floss or string in a contrasting color to lace your skates. Tie a nice bow at the top.

Using a large paperclip, slide the open edge of the paperclip through the original chain 7 on the bottom of your skate. The ornament will give some, so rotate the paperclip around so that the skate won’t slip off.


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4 Responses to Reposting a Favorite Ornament Pattern. Ice Skates!

  1. Sharon says:

    Dana, could you explain/show how you laced the skates?

    • Dana says:

      Hi Sharon. I threaded my needle with colored embroidery thread, using all the strands. Act as though you’re lacing shoes. I started at the toe and zigzaged my way up the skate, with one side of the “lace”, then rethreaded using the other end of the thread and zigzaged up the other side, then tied the bow. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense. Did the rest of the instructions work out ok?

    • Dana says:

      Also, I did actually close the skate with the yarn I started with then added the lace after.

  2. Jean Allen says:

    Thank you ever so much for sharing this sweet pattern! I hope to make a few sets, one white and one black, for my dear, disabled, elderly aunt in Vermont (several states away) who fondly reminisces often about her pre-teen and teen years, ice skating on the park pond with her favorite brother, my dad, until it was “lights out” and time to walk home! :,)

    You are so kind to share this for free. ❤

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