Reversible Crochet Headband

Here’s another headband that I created this week. I used a rubber-band to connect the ends to keep it stretchy. I created it using an I hook and the yarn is Lion Brand Amazing in Regatta.

This one is super simple. I chose a chainless foundation of half double crochet stitches. It is about 19″ long. 13 rows tall, alternating between one row of front post hdc and then a row of back post hdc. The backpost hdc leave a knitted appearance. the front post hdc side looks like a vertical ribbing. I love it.

When I got to the end of the 13th row, I chained one and worked up the end of the piece, using a sc to attach it to the rubberband. I fastened off, and wove in the ends. With the other end, I simply joined to the end and repeated the same thing from the other end, again, fastening off and weaving in the ends.

I did try this with a chain foundation, but it wasn’t stretchy enough for my taste. I prefer the chainless foundation. It creates a lot of elasticity and stretch that a simple chain foundation does not.


Front post hdc side.


Back post hdc side.


View of the hairband.

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    Pretty on yarn colors.

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