What Can I Make with One Skein of Yarn?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI have been working on items for an upcoming craft shoo and I had bought a skein of Red heart Super Saver Yarn in Real Teal. I sat down a few days ago and started working on more skulls for scarves for this October event. I ended up making 32 five inch skulls. Two scarves will have 10 skulls each and the other will have 12. I was also able to make a smaller skull motif, a mini skull motif and 2 Oklahoma shapes from that one skein.

So, the math lesson for the day is one Cotton Gin Crochet Designer plus one skein of RHSS equals 3 scarves, and several pieces that can be used as key fobs, ornaments or appliques.

Here’s a closer shot of the smaller items. I left a tail long enough to sew around the edge of the larger motif, should it need to be attached to another piece.



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9 Responses to What Can I Make with One Skein of Yarn?

  1. Debi blaw says:

    those are so cool. what a great idea to use up left over yarn Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 00:32:28 +0000 To: ladylightbuld@hotmail.com

    • Dana says:

      Thanks for the comment! The little items will definitely help me do some stash busting!

      I should have mentioned that I used an H size hook for the larger skull motifs, but backed down to a D to do the tiny skull and the Okie pieces.

  2. I love the skulls! They look delightfully evil. I’m sure that they’ll be a hit at the craft show.

  3. Love the skull – that’s such a clever design. 🙂

  4. Ashie says:

    those are really neat skulls! I think they’ll look great on a scarf 🙂 I like the little Oklahoma pieces too, that’s a clever idea.

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