December Doo-dads

Here are few  things I’ve crocheted this week.

Lots of things have several names, like these new goodies.

Headbands or earwarmers, scarf, scarflet or infinity scarf.


The blue and white headbands were single crochet, back loop only projects, approximately 12 stitches wide and 45 rows. They are a mix of I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby and Red Heart Super Saver yarns.



The scarflet is an example of diagonal box stitch worked in the round. It is approximately 5″ wide and somewhere between 60 and 72 inches long. I call it a scarflet or infinity scarf because it isn’t an ordinary, row by row scarf. It is actually a large loop, that can be doubled when worn around the neck and has the appearance of a cowl.

All of these items work up quickly. The headband/earwarmers took less than half hour each to complete and the scarflet only takes a little over an hour of uninterrupted time. It seemed like it took more time, but when you factor in the pit-stops and trips to the kitchen, plus a few moments of figuring out the plot line of some TV shows, it was actually a quick project, even with the color changes.


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