Box Stitch in the Round: A Hat!

I’ve been on this Box Stitch kick recently and I’ve made a few things in the past. Someone commented on a Facebook Crochet Group page that I follow that a c2c hat would be cool. I’d done square topped hat in other stitches, why not c2c, aka, corner to corner, or diagonal box stitch, or crazy stitch.


But last night… well, one night last week I had an idea… what if we did this stitch in the round?! It’s taken me a week to develop, but the purple hat in the gallery above is what resulted from my experimenting. It looks a lot like a hat done in a shell stitch, and maybe someone has already done this, but this is the technique I came up with.

c2c complete

Instead of working from Corner to Corner, we will build a “chain” of boxes. Then we’ll join those boxes from end to end, working in the round, joining and turning on each row.

For the gray hat, I used a Clover H Hook and a Red Heart Super Saver Gray. Can’t find the label at this point, but it is surprisingly soft… Stitches and techniques used in this tutoral: sl st, dc, ch, dc foundation or chainless foundation.

Round 1: Start with a slip knot on your hook, leaving a tail for weaving, ch 3, counts as the first dc of each box, here and throughout. Work 3 more chainless dc. Your box will look like a diamond. Chain 3 more, work 3 chainless dc, repeat until you have a total of 13 boxes.


At this point you can measure and see if you need to shorten or lengthen the number of boxes to fit your subject/giftee. Now that I’ve finished a few, keeping it an even number greatly aids the decrease and finish of the project.

box-string_webHere’s mine, after 13 boxes. It measures 19″.

c2c-box-joinJoin the very first chain where you began. I tried to show you in the photo above.

c2c-ch3-turnRound 2: Ch 3, turn. The photo above shows you shows what the row looks like before you turn. The photo below, shows you where you’ve sl st, after turning the work. I’ve indicated that you’ll chain 3 and work 3 dc in the chain 3 of the box in the row below. Sl st to the edge of the next box


Here’s the cat, “helping”…


Here’s a shot of the first box of round 2 and indications for the next box.


At this point, you should feel very familiar with building boxes, just like the c2c style.

Repeat the boxes, till you reach the end of the round. Join with a slip stitch, Ch. 3, turn.


Round 3-12: repeat  round 2 until you reach the desired height. The gray hat is twelve full rounds, plus 1 round of decrease.

round 6

Here’s a shot after round 6.


Here’s row six on our lovely glass model. I’ll use this pic to describe the decrease.

Round 13. You’ve just finished round 12, you’ve chained 3 and turned at this point. Now, slip stitch 2 together (slst2tog) using the points of the first two boxes of round 12. Chain 3 and 3 dc in the chain space, to build your first box. Slst2tog using the points of the next two boxes, repeating this around until one box is left. Simply create one last box to finish the round. Fasten off, leaving a tail to gather the last box edges together to finish.


You should now have a slightly tapered tube. Using a yarn needle, draw the yarn through each of the points of the box edges on this last round, closing the top. I’ve used pick dots like sl st to indicated where you’ll insert your needle. Tighten up, fasten off. You should have a cute, little puckered star for the top. Create a small knot and weave in your ends.

The photo below shows you the top of the hat, with the final rows numbered.


Here’s a few more views of the finished Diagonal Box Stitch in the Round Beanie. Ain’t that a mouth full! This measured 19″ at the base, stretching to over 20″ and is 8.5″ from top to bottom. It is snug on my large skull, but fits my teenage girls perfectly.

c2c-side c2c-back

I hope this is a quick and easy project to follow and create. Please feel free to comment with suggestions or questions. Stitch lively my friends, stitch lively.


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4 Responses to Box Stitch in the Round: A Hat!

  1. Jackie W. says:

    Hello, Dana! Wanted to make this adorable hat to match a c2c baby blanket… but what is a “chainless dc”? How do I make that? Thanks so much!

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