Corner to Corner Fingerless Gloves

I couldn’t help myself. I cranked out that C2C hat last night and couldn’t resist conquering some super simple C2C fingerless gloves! I don’t think I have pretty hands, so I just used some gloves to show the placement of the openings.


I was bummed out about running out of the fall colored variegated yarn, but found a comparable deep purple in the stash. Turned out cute.



No real pattern, but for some direction, I used worsted weight yarn, an H hook and the basic diagonal box stitch to create a square that was 9 x 9. I folded the piece in half, and stitched up the length of the side, closing 5 squares. I skipped 2 squares for the thumb hole and stitched the last two squares to finish it off. The ends had to be woven in, of course, but small project, small task.






Sometimes simple shapes can create really quick easy gifts. Both pieces worked up in less than an hour. They could be upgraded with several colors and maybe a striped pattern. They could also be embellished with a flower, some beads or even a button or two.


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2 Responses to Corner to Corner Fingerless Gloves

  1. sylvia gw says:

    how clever! i think i’ll try it. thanks!

  2. sylvia gw says:

    Hi, Dana! i made c2c fingerless gloves with locally sourced hand-dyed 8-ply cotton thread in white, purple & aqua, for my niece in Manchester… making a smaller version for her 3 y/o daughter… 😀
    (i’d like to show you but i can’t paste the picture here.. 😦 ..)

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