Corner to Corner Hat, aka Diagonal Box Stitch Hat

Good Evening, Y’all. Someone on a Facebook page I follow commented about the novelty of a C2C hat. I was inspired. I’m sure you can find them elsewhere, but in the interest of a challenge, I lunged into this brief project and here’s what I came up with.



I started with some left over I Love This Yarn. I no longer have the label to give you a color name. Maybe it had the word FALL in the name. Anyway, I used an H hook by Clover. It’s a new addition to the tool box and I love it, btw.

I did a basic 9 x 20 c2c rectangle.




I was thinking that a hat in the C2C technique could be finished in several ways.

It could be folded in half, stitched up one side, then cinched together at the top. But I thought it might be too bulky.

It could also be folded in half, and stitched up one side, with string ties or braids attached to the corners and worn with a point towards the top, kind of like a bonnet.







Or it could be folded in half, stitched up one side, then stitched across the top, sack-like and worn with the corners on the top, as pictured below. It too could be upgraded or embellished with ear flaps, string ties, tassels on the top corners, or a big fat flower.



c2c-front-blog c2c-side-blog


I have a particularly large skull, so this was a bit snug on me, but fit my teenage girls just fine. It ended up being 7″ from the top to the bottom and about 18.5″ in circumference. The C2C technique is easy to learn and the projects work up pretty quickly. I learned from the good folks at Crochet Cabana.

I made this piece, shot the pictures, color corrected them and posted them all in about an hour.

This could make a nice, last minute gift. Pair it with some C2C fingerless gloves and you’ve got a nice set to offer someone who loves handmade gifts.

Now that I’m fully alert and have my second wind of the evening, I’ll go try my hand at the fingerless gloves now. Pics to follow tomorrow. =)

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