Free Bunting Flag Patterns


I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton and a G hook.

Row 1: Chain 26. Turn.

Row 2: Hdc in the third chain from the hook. Hdc in each chain across to the end. Turn. 24 hdc made.

Row 3: Chain 2.  This next stitch is tricky. I wanted to decrease here, but wanted my stitch to pull inward. This is something similiar to a hdc2tog. It’s like half of a hdc, then a sc.

Like this: YO, insert hook into the loop, then yarn over and pull back through, but instead of pulling through all three loops on the hook, like a normal hdc,  I insert the hook into the next stitch, yo, as if to sc, then pull back through the stitch, then through all 4 loops on the hook. If you choose to use a traditional hcd2tog, it should work fine, but I perform the decrease as mentioned above.

Then hdc in each stitch across to the end. Make sure you go all the way across and don’t miss the last stitch or you’ll end up with a little jog and the edge won’t be as straight. Turn.

Row 4: Chain two, perform the decrease, then hdc in each stitch across, minding the last stitch as the row before. Turn.

Row 5: Repeat till you reach a row with only a few stitches.

My last row was a chain 2, the decrease stitch and one hdc.

Fasten off. Weave in ends. I chose to only weave in the end on the point of the flag. I simply crocheted over the one loose end at the beginning of the triangle.

Hanging chain: Chain 12, join to the first chain to form a loop for hanging. Then chain 24 stitches, make a sc in the first stitch at the top of the flag, taking care to stitch over the loose end. Sc in each stitch across. Chain 10. Make a sc in the first stitch at the top of the next flag and repeat until you have the number of flags you want to join in the bunting. Chain 36 and join at the 12th chain from the hook to form the end loop. I crocheted 6 flags and my hanging chain was just over 6 feet from loop to loop.


For the Blue and Tan version, I simply, slip stitched around the edge, starting on the top left, working my way down the flag to the point and back up to the top, then across to the end. I did an invisible finish and wove in the ends. The hanging chain for this version is the same as the white.

I’m including a diagram for clarity. Basic Triangle Penant for Bunting


Here’s the diagram for the Granny Style Bunting Triangle:

Granny Triangle Penant for Bunting

Let me know if you have questions, suggestions or corrections. =) dj


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  1. debi says:

    those are so cool thank you for the pattern

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