Quincy Meets Crochet.

I absolutely love the Quincy hat by Jared Flood. His pattern can be purchased on his website Brooklyntweed. I first saw it on Pinterest and clicked through to find the website and the downloadable pattern. I was inspired and had to find a crochetable solution.

With that inspiration though, I opted for a thicker texture then his stockinette stitch and as much as I adore the lovely icord edging, I decided against it. Simple is good, right?

Here’s a quick over view of how to create the Cotton Gin version:


Using an I hook, I did a simple 2o sc chainless foundation row, then a chain 3, *sc in the next st, dc in the next st* repeat across, turn, chain 3 and repeat. I reach a desired length of about 21″. I put a mobius twist on it before stitching the ends together. The first image is of the hat with out a top. It can double as a neck warmer/cowl or a hat to wear with a pony-tail.


The first image is made with Bernat Denim.

The other images are with an improvised, circular top.

To create the top, I adjusted the mobius circle to a shape I found attractive. I used some stitch markers to hold it in place. I joined the yarn where the mobius crossed itself, then chained 1 and did 1sc in each st around the edge. I didn’t join. I simply worked in the round. On the second row and beyond, I simply worked 2sctog in the round until I had about a 1″ opening left. I fastened off and left a tail long enough to gather the last stitches together and closed the circle.

This would make a great last-minute gift and with the right yarn choice could be considered a guy friendly design. Enjoy.

100_2187x 100_2190x

The more colorful version is made with Lion Brand Amazing Joshua Tree and the bluer version below is made with Paton Decor Secret Garden Variegated.

100_2193x 100_2198x

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