Flip Flop Fabulous!

So. I started a new job back in December and things in my crafty world have come to a very slow crawl. But alas, I had a little free time this last week and here’s what I’ve come up with for the wee folks this Spring 2013.

I’ve written a photo tutorial on how to make these sweet things and I’ll post it soon. For now, here are a few pics of different variations on what you can do with flip flops for the wee ones.


These flip flops are made from a basic crocheted sole, a nylon loop and a soft eye-lash type yarn. The loop is the kind you used as a kid to weave potholders and things on a loom. You can find a huge bag at your local craft store. I got mine at Hobby Lobby  and used a 40% Off Coupon.


Using that same base, you can attach a flower and a button for extra cuteness.


You can use a textured, novelty yarn like Bernat’s Tizzy in Posey Pink.


You can also just do a simple slip stitch, alternating the stitches over and under your loop.

And we can’t forget the boys. This would be great in tans, browns or camo!


I’ll post more pictures as I stock my craft booths for spring and summer.

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Creative Thinker, Crafter, Designer
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