Thrifty Thursday April 26

Found this treasure in an antique store called The Rusted Rabbit in Claremore a few weeks ago. My intention is to turn it into a light table. I’ve not had a chance to test the machine, but I removed it before taking pics. Got the entire thing for a steal: $20.

It needs some tlc where the finish is concerned, but it is solid! It has Sears/Kenmore markings. Not sure if I could get anything for the machine, I was basically out for the table.

On this same day, I also picked up a random candle stick for a future apothecary jar project, a wooden lazy susan and a metal cabinet that looks perfect for craft room storage.

I’ve already started using this for craft projects. It’s nice to be able to turn the project I’m working on. Cake decorators come to mind. They’ve got a good thing going. I’m not sure why I didn’t follow their lead sooner!

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2 Responses to Thrifty Thursday April 26

  1. I can’t wait to see the table when you’re finished with it!

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