Crocheted Flowers on Headbands

These are a few of the headbands I’ve put together recently. They are a great idea for using up scrap yarns.

If you’re looking to make some for kids or grand-babies, you can find the headbands from the second photo at The Dollar Tree. There are 6 to a package. I had already purchased several packages prior to my search efforts on ebay. At less than 20 cents each, they were a pretty good deal.

The headbands for the first photo can be purchased at Wal-Mart and most local craft stores, but at 1.99 for one or package of 3-4 for $3 or more, I chose to find another alternative. Ebay to the rescue.  I found similar items on Etsy and Artfire, but the prices on Ebay were a better deal. I got 50 headbands for less than $10. Just head over to ebay and search “stretchy crochet headbands”* or “plastic headbands.”

Shopping on is perfect if you plan ahead and have time to wait on the items being shipped. These are great to carry in a craft booth, for the little girls looking to spend a few dollars when Mom or Grandma doesn’t want to spring for the $40 Custom Sock Monkey Hat. 

Hope you liked the flowers and the information!

*Please note that searching for “stretchy headbands” alone will give you results of all kinds of headbands, including knits and other options, which is fine, but I had a specific idea in mind. I got the best results from adding the word “crochet” to the search. I know that they are machine made and not actually crochet, but just thought the information would be helpful. =)

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