Hobby Lobby Low-Down!

40% off Coupons every week till Christmas! Wahoo!! What do you plan on stocking up on? I see yarn, new knitting needles, new storage, oooh: new books, adhesives, Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, glazes, paper, holy cow where will the wish list end! I’m posting a picture of some of the projects I’ve been playing at the past few weeks. All have things that could benefit from a Hobby Rob-Me Coupon! (The hat and sandals aren’t new, but I could use a good deal on yarn to make a new set!)

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1 Response to Hobby Lobby Low-Down!

  1. Bailey says:

    I really want one to move into this state. There is one in NH, but it is not just over the border as many of their competitors are in Salem. I have no idea why they chose Manchester. Salem would have been ideal for NH and MA residents who want to visit Hobby Lobby.

    I want to try their yarn. Everyone raves about it. I am trying to get Mom to bring some up when she comes up for Christmas. I would order it online, but I hate ordering it blindly. It would be nice to have a feel for how it compares to yarn I already use.

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