Hobby Rob-Me to the Rescue! I need a crafting fix!

Thought this past week would never pass! Hobby Lobby’s weekly coupon was for 30% Off Needlework Kits. Sure, I crochet and knit, and should love that coupon, and I do, but HELLO, my new coupon endeavors this year would encourage me to wait for the best deal which is the 40% Off One Regular Priced Item! Wahoo! It published in today’s paper and on their website. You can access it from your smartphone too of course.

Before I got a smartphone, I would print one off for each day of the week just in case I was working on a big project like an afghan. You have no choice but to use a coupon since the price for I LOVE THIS YARN has gone up considerably the past few years. Some colors are retailing at 3.99! Yikes. That means an afghan could cost upwards of $100 to create. I know, it’s an acrylic yarn, but it’s smooth and easy to work with. And it washes up nicely too. Here’s an image of an afghan I finished a few years ago for a friend. It’s made entirely of I LOVE THIS YARN from a technique I learned at Crochet Cabana.



When the planets align, and coupons publish close to a payday and don’t infringe on my budget, I like to shop at HL every day of the week to stock up. So grab your smartphone, or print a handful of coupons from Hobby Lobby and get to stitching!  Gotta love a 40% Off Week!!

Disclaimer: Hobby Rob-Me is truly just a term of endearment, but seeing as how I go in there with money and leave without it, it’s kind of like them robbing me. Seriously, it’s all in good fun. It is my favorite craft store.







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